Sunwoojunga (선우정아)

sun-woo-jung-a at arirang

Sunwoojunga was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Sunwoojunga (선우정아) debuted in 2006 under Magic Strawberry Sound.

– She participated in the Masked Singer.
– When people listen to this album she wants them to focus on fun sounds that are featured in the music.
– Her fans sometimes call her little prince.
– 배신이 기다리고 있다 (betrayal awaits) is her attempt at personifying betrayal.
– She would like write a kid’s song, if the opportunity arises.
– With It rains) she wants to express the message of: you can’t keep letting life pass you by while missing your younger days.
– 백년해로 (Eternity), is about a loving couple (lovers, friends, family) that live on loving forever.

sun-woo-jung-a picture

Q & A::
Q: Why has it taken so long to release another full length album?
A: For her the time went by quickly. She feels like 5-6 years is a good gap between full length albums, because a lot of songs go into them.

Q: What kind of song is 쌤쌤 (Sam Sam)?
A: it has a particular story to it, and she doesn’t want people to feel uncomfortable listening to it. It has the message of: You and me are the same.

Live Performance::
쌤쌤 (Sam Sam)

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