Bibi (비비)

Bibi at arirang

Bibi was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Bibi (비비) debuted in 2017 under Feel Ghood Music.

– Her real name is Kim Hyungseo (김형서).
– She understands some English because her CEO is from LA, and she used to watch a lot of English TV shows.
– Since her debut she feels like her group of supporters has grown.
– As a result of debuting she noticed that her attention to detail has gotten better.
– Her music process is the create the best and top line first.
– She gets a lot of inspiration from her own experiences and imagination.
– The first time she met Tiger JK she was scared if him and thought he was a gangsters.
– She’s says her qualities are that she’s not cute or sexy, but that she has this vibe about her.

Bibi pic

Q & A::
Q: What can we expect from this album?
A: Each track is a guideline for different topics. For example: Fedexx girl is about those who engaged in long distance relationships.

Q: Plans for the future?
A: Her next album comes out next week and it’s called Blue.

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