Eui Jin (의진)

e Jin at arirang

Eui Jin was in the .SuperKpop studio for K-star and Live with DJ Sam. Eui Jin (의진) debuted in 2014 under HO Company.

– He is a member of Bigflo (빅프로).
– He recently had fan meetings in Japan and Korea.
– ‘=equal’ is a song for his fans. He also self choreographed the dance break in the song.
– Eui Jin feels like he has become more of a perfectionist with his solo work.
– He played badminton in high school.
– ‘Insomnia’ is about a breakup.
– The falling off the bed was actually not acting. It was purely an accident that made it into the video.
– Eui Jin is really into jewelry, cologne, and hats.
– His name was given to him by his parents.
– His favorite color is Platinum blonde.
– Eui Jin is right handed.
– He sleeps in one position.
– He gets shy when he has to do aegyo.
– Eui Jin favorite movie is Titanic.
– His girl crush is currently Chungha (청하).
– He wants to be known as more than just a good dancer.

e Jin picture

Q & A::
Q: What kind of album is ‘E motion’?
A: ‘E motion’ it’s not just about emotion but also about Eui Jin in motion. He wanted to be an album that was very natural to him.

Live Performance::
불면증 (Insomnia)

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