Bobby Kim (바비 킴)

Bobby Kim at arirang

Bobby Kim was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Bobby Kim (바비 킴) debuted in 1994 and he is currently under Oscar Entertainment / Star Crew.

– He is a member of Buga Kings (부가킹즈), which debuted in 2001.
– Bobby was born in Korea, but he was raised in USA from age 2 until he came back to Korea at age 20.
– He is celebrating his 25th debuversary.
– Bobby’s not an SNS person. Three years ago he created his first email account so he could sign up for Instagram.
– He’s a bit sad that people don’t recognize that his comeback includes an album.
– ‘왜 난 (Why)’ is about missing the one that got away and wanting her back.
– He maintains his English skills by going back to the USA to visit family every few months.
– When he is making music, he comes up with a theme and story then makes the melody. Then he has a lyrist translate the feel he wants to portray into a Korean song/story. He’s not confident in his Korean linguist skills.
– Bobby Kim originally debuted as a rapper in a reggae group.
– Yoon Mirae was one of the first artist to give him a chance to debut as a composer.
– ‘그래의 꿈 (Fall in Love again)’ was released after Yoon Mirae hounded him.
– He practices for at least 30 minutes before stage performances.
– Bobby’s not comfortable with meeting new people.
– He never feels satisfied with his live performances.
– He played baseball from 3rd grade until 10th grade.
– Bobby’s dad plays the trumpet.
– Tablo agreed to featured on the 끝까지 (until the end) without even listening to it.
– He wants people to know that bobbykim5268 is his real Instagram account, and that he is the one posting on it.

Bobby Kim picture

Q & A::
Q: Why did you call the album Scarlett?
A: Since all the songs are about love, he wanted to give it a main character. That main character is Scarlett.

Q: What kind of album is Scarlett?
A: It goes through the story of a relationship. The start of love, the end of love and the story that happens in between.

Q: Plans for the foreseeable future?
A: He has a concert that’s coming on August 24th.

Live Performance::
사랑… 그 놈 (Love… that fool)

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