J-NIQ (제이닉)

j-niq at arirang

J-NIQ was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. J-NIQ (제이닉) debuted in 2017.

– She prefers the bring able to groove when she sings, rather than sitting still.
– J-NIQ she’s always working on point dances, but she’s not really done any real choreography.
– She is a fan of Amy Whinehouse.
– She was busking with the song ‘Loving you’ by Minnie Riperton when she was discovered by a producer.
– J-NIQ gets inspiration from life, music, movies, and books. She makes notes on her phone of quotes that speak to her.
– Her role models are her parents.
– J-NIQ would like to do collaboration with Zion.T and Benji.
– She always wanted to be a singer. Her dad was a singer and introduced her to music.
– Lately, her fan heart is stimulated by foreign soccer games.

j-niq picture

Q & A::
Q: How did your stage name J-NIQ (제이닉) come to be?
A: It is a combination of one of her nickname jeiunni (제이언니) and nickname (닉네임).

Q: How do you decide which covers get uploaded?
A: Her method of picking which covers get posted is very spontaneous. She’ll be recording and suddenly think to herself this would be good to upload, and then it gets uploaded.

Live Performance::
사랑, 두통이나 (Loveache)

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