We In the Zone (위인더존)

June 17, 2019 – I lost my notes due to technical issues. Thank you Arirang Radio for supplying the audio file!!

We In The Zone at arirang

We In The Zone (Witz) was in the SuperKpop studio for K-star and Live with DJ Sam. We In The Zone (위인더존) debuted in 2019 under Choon Entertainment.

Eson (이슨) – Leader, Rapper
Jooan (주안) – Dancer, Vocalist
Kyungheon (경헌) – Vocalist
Min (민) – Vocalist
Shihyun (시현) – Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist, Visual


– Shihyun has participated in 2 audition survival shows.
– If Min didn’t become a singer he would have gone into acting.
– Kyungheon is the palest member of the group.
– They found it a bit daunting to be able to talk with international fans so soon after debuting.
– Eson is fluent in English.
– Jooan is in charge of performance, and co-writing songs.
– Min is in charge of maintaining love and peace in the group.
– They do everything together, and everyone is responsible for washing their own dishes.
– The Jooan thinks Kyungheon looks the best when he hits the high notes.
– Min’s role model is Busker Busker.
– Kyungheon’s ideal type has long hair and is someone he can communicate well with.
– In the “Let’s get loud” MV the sunglasses were made of sugar, and weren’t painful them when they were broken.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is In The Rain?
A: It’s an RnB ballad about a couple that has broken up. They believe it’s a good song for a rainy day.

Q: What kind of song is Love Love Love?
A: It’s an innocent song about a one-sided first love.

Live Performance::
Love Love Love

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