Hur Inkook (허인국)


Hur Inkook was in the Kpoppin studio as an Industry Insider with DJ Isak. Hur Inkook (허인국) is a songwriter/producer for Gallery Music Productions.

– This was is first radio appearance.
– Inkook has always been interested in music and the image behind the music. His curiosity increased when he discovered Epic High.
– He is really proud of his work on TGIF by Dongwoo (동우) of Infinite. It came from being bored and thinking about the things he could do on a Friday.
– Jaehyuk from legend us Inkook’s CEO.
– The shortest time it’s taken him to produce a melody is 1 work session. It really depends on where he gets his inspiration.
– When he starts working the songs are more his style, however, by the time it’s complete the finished product is more mainstream.
– Inkook had his personal debut in 2015 and was able to get his foot in the music industry door.
– For him working with the different artist is the best job ever. He gets to see the artist go from concept to execution, and see their growth as artist going through that process.
– If he isn’t given a deadline he creates his own deadline. If he is working on something and it takes up several hours he’ll put it in his treasure box to look over at a later time.

Q & A::
Q: What sets your company apart from others?
A: His company treats it has an art gallery where the record company tries to showcase the artist work and find way to bring their best together with the best from the artist.

Q: How does your company divide the work?
A: They build a foundation first by collecting all the must have together. Then they create, come together again for critics, and repeat until the projects done.

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