Arran (애런)

arran at arirang

Arran was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Arran (애런) debuted in 2019 under NewType Entertainment.

– Being on SoundK for the first time made her heart flutter.
– She was on super Star K when she was 20, and she sang When Will My Begin.
– Arran was nervous for her debut showcase stage. For her it was really noticeable when doing interviews because she could see her hair shaking with nerves.
– She will have her first music show performance this weekend, 2019-July-20.
– Even though 아름다워 (Lovesome) is a beautiful song that she had a relaxed and enjoyable time making, Puzzle became the title track because it fit the theme she was going for.
– She loves dancing, however doesn’t believe she’s very good at it.
– Arran learned the choreography quickly, and didn’t fall during practices, but then fell during MV filming.

arran pic 1

Q & A::
Q: Please explain your stage name.
A: Arran isn’t her real name but is very close to it 김아란 (Aran). She wanted a name that reflected her personality, so she added an “r” to her name and went from feminine Aran to a more tomboyish Arran (Arron).

Q: Please explain your album Puzzle 9 Pieces?
A: The 9 songs are like pieces of her dream that come together like puzzle pieces to make a complete picture.

Live Performance::

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