Yukika (유키카)

yukika at arirang

Yukika was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Yukika (유키카) debuted in 2019 under Estimate.

– Yukika enjoys eating.
– In her MV she cooks and she thought more cooking would come out in the MV.
– She recently learned to make curry.
– Yukika would like to have an opportunity to act.
– She debuted in a project group.
– She gets depressed if she listens to ballads before bed.
– Before going out on a secret date she recommends listening to f(X) Chu.
– Yukika really reflects with Baek Yerin’s style of music.
– Narsha’s I’m in Love is a song that Yukika practiced a lot during her trainee days.
– When she was younger she wanted to be a hamster, because she thought they were cute.
– Yukika has been practicing her English.
– She does anime voices.
– Her favorite food lately is maeuntang (매운탕 (spicy fish stew)).

yukika image

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is Cherries Jubilee?
A: It’s a song with a bright summer sound. Named after the Bastken Robin’s ice cream flavor. It gives the feeling of a violet sky.

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