Chef Lynn Ahn (안백린)


Ahn Baek Rin was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Ahn Baek Rin (안백린) is a Chef with a focus in vegan temple cuisine.

Tidbits:: ,
– She is fluent in English.
– Baek Rin believes that when you eat food made with love you are also loved.
– Her first experience with culture shock was when she came back to Korea from LA and had to speak English to get directions to somewhere in Itaewon.
– When going to her restaurant, she wants each dish to paint a picture.
– She changes her menu based on what the farmers have a available, and mother nature.
– Lynn says the first step in going vegan is going to a restaurant and ordering something without meat it. She says is done in baby steps.
– Traditional temple food doesn’t use alcohol.
– She considers her restaurant a secular temple restaurant because she serves alcohol, but she doesn’t cook with it.
– Some food and spices aren’t used in temple food because they promote sexual desires or unholy thoughts.
– It is the English/US section of Itaewon, Korea. Just say HBC and people will point you right to it.
– Sosik (소식) is a “white food” which means it is a meal without meat. Which in essence is the meaning of vegan.
– Her restaurant is reservation only.
– Lynn’s restaurant is very small with only has 3 tables.
– She says that Sosik+noodles is a good starter meal for someone trying to go vegan.

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