GWSN (공원소녀)


GWSN was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. GWSN (공원소녀) debuted in 2018 under Kiwi Pop (Kiwi Media Group).

Seoryoung (서령) – Leader, Vocalist
Seokyoung (서경) – Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Miya (미야) – Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
Lena (레나) – Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Ann (앤) – Rapper, Vocalist
Minju (민주) – Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
Soso (소소) – Maknae, Vocalist, Dancer


– Soso is Chinese, and Miya is Japanese.
– They recently did some busking and enjoyed the experience.
– What they wanted to be When they were younger included: doctor, dancer, mermaid, and flight attendant (Seoryoung).
– Their group name stands for “girls in the park.”
– ‘Black hole’ was one of the last tracks recorded, and for Soso it makes her want to dance the whole time she listens to it.
– In the morning the most awake member is now Miya. She used to be the last one to awake up.
– The messiest members are minju and Lena, because their clothes are all over the place
– Ann is really into a YouTube channel where the YouTuber was in a major accident and use fitness as a way to change their circumstances.
– They can’t explain why sun, moon, and stars are used as the concept as it might spoil a future concept based of the themes from the ‘in the park’ series.
– Lena is King (왕), it’s something she really can’t explain. It’s something the members recognize that just is.
– In Korean ‘Red-Sun’ is something said to hypnotize someone. The song is having you hypnotize yourself in to believing your beautiful, and worth it.
– The fashionista of the group is Lena because of hippy hip-hop street look. Seoryoung is the fashion terrorist of the group.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of the number behind your title track Red-Sun (021)?
A: The number 021 means from zero two one where they have journeyed from seven members into one spirit.

Q: Please explain your new album 밤의 공원 pt.3?
A: It is the completion of the in the park series, and holds many meanings. It may also be a template for their next concept.

Live Performance::
Red-Sun (021)

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