KNK (크나큰)

knk at arirang

KNK was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. KNK (크나큰) debuted in 2016 and they are currently under 220 Entertainment.

Jihoon (지훈) – Leader, Dancer, Vocalist
Seoham (서함) – Rapper, Vocalist
Inseong (인성) – Vocalist
Dongwon (동원) – Rapper
Heejun (희준) – Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper


– The choreography took them a long time to learn. There are a lot of fantasy like movements bto the choreography.
– Insung liked Heejuns part in the MV because he was shirtless. The other members say they aren’t ready to reveal their abs yet.
– Seoham us responsible for the aegyo. He says he was born with an abundance of aegyo.
– They will reveal the choreography for the other to songs on the album for re first time during their tour.
– Dongwon started promoting with them in 2019. He has been friends with them for five years. They wanted him in the team and he said ok. He was a bit nervous because he joined the team immediately without a trainee period.
– The killing part of the dance is the “take your heart out” move.
– The hardest song to record was “We are the one.”
– Insung has a naturally loud and he can’t control his vocal tension.
– They will be have a European tour soon. They’ll be visiting six cities around Europe.
– Jihoon is in charge of their choreography most if the time.
– Heejuns is shy about seeing himself shirtless. However, he wasn’t shy about filming the scenes even though it was his first time revealing his abs.
– By unanimous vote, Insung is the most competitive member especially with things he likes.
– Dongwon is the mom of the group. The members says he is the most diligent. He also nags the most, and very stern when it comes to rules, and being frugal.
– Heejuns has the most personal talents (another unanimous vote).
– Seoham changed his name twice as he was getting older. He changed his name the first time because he didn’t like his name and was getting picked on because of it. The second time was because his grandma didn’t like his new name.
– Insung trained as a swimmer for 8 years.
– When a members is hanging in the beginning of the choreography and then falls is meant to represent God falling to earth.
– Dongwon had to learn all KNK’s choreography at one time.
– ‘바랬어 (want it)’ is a RnB track, and the title has double meanings.
– Their fanclub members are called Tinkerbells.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of your team name?
A: Their manager thought of their name because they are so tall. The actual meaning behind the name is that they want to be the biggest in the industry.

Q: What kind of album is S/S Collection?
A: The title of the album is to pay homage to their model like skills. It album was made with a different producer than they usually use.

Live Performance::

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