Goopy (구피)

goopy at arirang

Goopy was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Goopy (구피) debuted in 2018 and is currently not under a label.

– He is described as a husky emotional RnB artist.
– Goopy has a lot of tattoos.
– His motto is “enjoy life,” and means even the bad things and the bad.
– Goopy would like to work with Beenzino. He’d like to make an upbeat track with a musical conversation.
– ‘Nana’ is about the first time you see the person of your dreams, and a bright light shines in you head. The nanana part is where the person of his dreams has sent him out of his head and makes him sing that way.
– ‘Type’ is declaring the person as his type. That highlight the beautiful parts of s relationship.
– ‘Make No Sense’ is the “can I come over” part of the new love story.
– He’s been friends with Producer Girl Next Door (GXXD) for several years.
– If he could travel right now he’d like to go to Central Park in New York City.
– Goopy thinks his biggest attraction point is his charisma, and his big mouth.
– The friend he has met most recently is Producer Suki.
– These days he’s been into cleaning his place.
– He gets through performances by telling himself “let’s not make any mistakes today.”
– Goopy is a homebody.

goopy 1

Q & A::
Q: How did Goopy come to be your stage name?
A: His producer took the name from the Disney character Goofy. He liked his personality.

Q: What kind of album is Make Sense?
A: If you listen to the tracks in order they tell a story. Everything makes sense, if you listen to the album correctly. The story goes: I see you and feel you, you’re my type, can I come over.

Live Performance::

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