Kim Suyong (김수용)

Kim Suyong at Arirang

Kim Suyong was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Kim Suyong (김수용) made his acting debut in 1983, and he’s currently under Who&U Entertainment.

– Suyong has around 60 performances to his name.
– To keep up with his schedule he tries to drink a lot of warm water, and get a lot of sleep.
– He couldn’t pick one musical that has been his favorite musical to act in so far.
– He is always very nervous about the first performance for every show he’s been in. His nervousness is self induced because he stresses himself out, because he wants to put on his best performance. Sometimes his nerves get so bad he can’t keep anything down, and has to take medicine to help him out.
– There are usually 2~3 months of practice for each show before the first performance.
– Bat Boy is a musical that was very confusing to him. At first looking at the Korean title he thought it’s be about a guy on a boat or sports. He played a character that was a mutant half-bat half-human that was capture by a veterinarian family which then tried to make him human. He began to resent the humans and became more bat like instead.
– Acting is one thing to him, and how he approaches the role is different. Similar to how eating is eating, but how you approach Chinese food, versus a fancy restaurant or backyard BBQ is different.
– On nights when he doesn’t have a performance the next day he will reward himself with a can of soda.
– He would like to go overseas and perform, however, whenever he signs up for a musical scheduled to go overseas it gets cancelled, or the seasons before and after his end up being the ones to go overseas.

Kim Suyong 1

Q & A::
Q: Is there a role you’d like to play?
A: He would like to be Edward Scissorhands. He friends tell him he has a unique personality that would be great for that character.

Q: Any up coming shows?
A: He will be doing a special performance of Edgar Allan Poe starting August 27th at the Daehangno JTN Arthall Theater 1.

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