Ku One Chan (구원찬)


Ku One Chan was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Ku One Chan (쿠원찬) debuted in 2017 under Magic Strawberry Sound.

– The 일지 (Log) album has a main character that writes a log of how things are going.
– The lyrics videos for his done all have different color concepts. It was another way for him to get his planet concept across to others.
– Out of all the songs on his Log album he really likes 해야해.
– He is really proud of his collaboration with Sungwoo Jungah on 후희에게, and he thinks she has a nice voice. She made ad-libs and told them use the ones you like, and they ended up using all of them.
– 후희에게 (Dear Regret) is about getting advice about regret.
A/N: He has a very unique tone of voice.

ku one chan pic

Q & A::
Q: What kind of album is your 일지 (Log) EP?
A: Every song is produced by someone different. It has two title tracks. The concept of this album is planets.

Q: Do you have a goal for your Log album?
A: To get the album more known.

Q: Plans for the rest of the year?
A: He has a solo concert coming up in November. He also will be participating in festivals that are coming up soon.

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