Signal (시그널)

2019 September 16

signal at arirang

Signal was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Signal (시그널) debuted in 2019 under J Star Entertainment.

Bokeun (김복은) – Leader
Youngho (노영호) – Vocalist
Gihwan (김기환) – Rapper
Gyuhwan (이규환) – Vocalist

signal pic 1

– Gyuhwan and Youngho search their names on the internet to see if anything shows up.
– Youngho heard Signal’s song while buying something and didn’t know he should dance to it or just leave.
– They would like to have a world tour.
– Gyuhwan was in a band in high school as a vocalist.
– Before they debuted they promoted for about a year in Japan.
– Gihwan is the tallest member at 186ish cm.
– Youngho was part of another group (Pure) before joining Signal.
– Gyuhwan went to guitar school for three months after seeing a really good guitarist on Super Star K.
– They do skits with their audience.
– It was unanimously decided that Youngho is the best at ad-libs.
– Gyuhwan has a hard time remembering choreography, and Youngho scolded him a lot.
– Gihwan has already completed his military service and was dispatched to Lebanon for 8 months.

signal pic 2

Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of your team name?
A: They want their music to send a signal to the listeners giving them comfort.

Q:What kind of album is The First Signal Begins?
A: It’s an album that features house tracks that you can dance to. Their focus with this album was making the listeners feel happy.

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