Seungri (성리)

Kim Seungri at Arirang Radio

Seungri (성리) was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star and Live with DJ Sam Cater. Seungri debuted as a member of Rainz in 2017. He made his solo debut in 2020 under C2K Entertainment.

– For the new year he listened to his own song 원샷 (One Shot).
– Seungri participated in the survival show Boy’s Trot.
– His family had the best reaction to his trot music. They said trot music is real music.
– Seungri’s favorite time of the time is the time when he is having fun on his phone.
– He would like to spend time with his mom without masks or restrictions. She had a birthday recently but he wasn’t able to do anything for her.
– He would like to appear on more variety shows in the future.
– Seungri would like to make it onto the Top 100 list.

Kim Seungri

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is ‘If It Wasn’t You’ (당신이 아니었다면)?
A: This song mentions his mother and grandma a lot because without them he wouldn’t be here. It’s the song of a man singing his heart out.

Q: What kind of album is 世緣 (세:연)?
A: It’s a trot album with two title tracks 원샷 (One Shot) and 당신이 아니었다면 (If It Wasn’t You). The album is supposed to portray his gratitude to the people that have been apart of shaping his destiny.

Live Performances::
If It Wasn’t You (당신이 아니었다면)

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