Hong Eunki (홍은기)

Hong Eunki was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam Carter. Hong Eunki debuted in 2017 as a member of Rainz. He made his solo debut in 2019 under Daol Entertainment.

– The sky blue suit he wears in the MV was made for the video, and is meant to be the male version of Cinderella’s blue ballgown.
– He is planning Eunki the Stage, which is expected to be in about a month. Eunki the Stage is an online concert. He’s not giving anyway any spoilers about the show.
– ‘착각 (Mistake)’ is a winter ballad. It’s an “I thought this one was meant for me, but maybe it’s just my mistake” kind of song.
– His fans have told him they love his voice on ballads, so, he hopes to one day release a ballad album.
– ‘솜 (Breath)’ is the title track of his first mini-album. Eunki currently considers it to be one of his top 3 songs.
– His older brother is a model. They don’t really get to spend time together, but they’re still close.
– He was working hard doing his music and going to college and was able to get all ‘A’s in school.
– He’s a compulsive shopper. He loves to buy new things (even if he doesn’t need the item). This is something he wants to work on controlling about himself.
– He keeps an emotional diary, and might one day release an essay made from his diary entries.

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is On &On?
A: It has a deep house track, that has Eunki’s own interpretation of the Cinderella-style storyline. It has a concept that is a balance between sophisticated and sexy.

Q: Can you tell us more about this Cinderella concept?
A: The Cinderella concept shows a boy becoming a man, and getting a perfume gift (a typical gift given when someone comes of age). Putting the perfume on the neck and wrist is the key point of the dance.

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