Queen Wa$abii (퀸 와사비)

Queen Wa$abii (퀸 와사비) was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Queen Wa$abii debuted in 2019. She is currently an independent artist.

– After graduating from college she taught me junior high Ethics as part of a teaching internship, and while she loved to teach, she decided teaching wasn’t the job for her.
– Street dancing is what got her into the hip-hop scene. She always wanted to be a street dancer.
– She’s a big fan ASAP Rocky because he is cute.
– The number one thing she learned from staying in New York was that life was hard.
– While self-training for rapping, she developed vocal nodules.
– She never imagined being a singer or rapper. She just always thought she’d be on a stage.
– The show Show Me the Money gave her the confidence to believe that she could do rap as a career.
– Before being on Good Girl she had only had 3 experiences of performing in clubs.
– Queen Wa$abii is in talks with various companies regarding signing a contract.
– Her name is Kim Sohee (김소희), and her English name is Victoria.
– She twerks when she feels down because it makes her feel better.
– She wants to meet Jay Park, and she has wanted to meet him since high school.
– Queen Wa$abii has 2 siblings (brother and sister) that her younger than her.

**Author-nim’s comment: she has an adorable laugh**

Q & A::
Q: How did the name Queen Wa$abii come about?
A: While eating at a restaurant a friend recommended her the name Wa$abii because her lyrics are spicy and sometimes crazy but cute. She put queen to separate herself from an already established DJ called Wasabii.

Q: What is the meaning behind the song 까먹었다?
A: The title has two meanings.1.) I forgot (something) and 2.) I peeled it and ate it (a censored version of the meaning).

**Author-nim’s comment: the uncensored version of the song has a lot of expletives. Refer to album imagery for a clearer meaning. (Note the banana 🍌 and what those 18+ typically use it to reference)**

Live Performance::
신토 booty (Shinto Booty)

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