CEO Chunsia (천시아 대표님)

CEO Chunsia Master (천시아 대표님) was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Chunsia heals people with “singing bowl” subtle vibrations.

Singing Bowls According to CEO Chunsia::
The singing bowl method uses different types of bowls and the sound is reminiscent of sounds typically heard around temples. It is used to help people heal mentally.

The different bowls (varying in size (width, and depth), thickness, and material components) produce different vibrations. They typically come from Tibet and the Himalayas and are handmade to produce specific vibrations.

You don’t need to reserve time to listen while meditating or something like that. It’s something that can be played in the background (aka white noise) as you go about your day.

The vibrations of the bowls are slow and elongated and help to loosen the body, and some people experience a feeling of relief.

**Author-nim note: It’s very soothing and would probably be very beneficial to someone with sleep insomnia. (DJ Isak and I shared this same opinion after experiencing one of her demonstrations.)**

It is best to meditate is in the morning. Out of personal experience, she has found that morning meditation has a greater effect on you as you go about the day.

The more busy a person is the more time they need to spend meditating, and the more helpful meditating will be from them. When you meditate you need to train yourself to either focus on one thought or nothing at all.

Q & A::
Q: How did you get into singing bowls
A: The first time she got into singing bowls was about 13 years ago. When she was in her 20s she was really into meditation and the different ways of doing it. When she was doing singing bowls she realized that she was healing herself.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: She does one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and has classes where she teaches how to do singing bowls.

Q: How long can a bowl continue to make sounds after one tap?
A: It depends on the bowl. however, some of the larger bowls can go for about a minute.

Q: How has singing bowls benefited you?
A: She used to be a workaholic, and since getting into singing bowls she has learned to relax and put a comma in life. It has enabled her to slow down and enjoy her life and its various moments.

Live Performance::
Singing Bowls – CEO Chunsia
She did a couple of demonstrations, but I didn’t record those sections, and I don’t know if Arirang Radio will be posting a video of them. If they do, I”ll embed the video here.

Where to find her::
If you’re in South Korea, I highly recommend you visit her blog/website Zen Healing U and her healing center in person. You’ll be in for a treat that will leave you feeling relief from stress and you might get a more peaceful sleep.

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