DJ Sophiya and DJ LEX


DJ Sophiya from Arirang Radio’s Cine Factory was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access to interview DJ Lex. Lex debuted in 2017 as a member of Bigflo, and he’s currently under HO Company.

– DJ Sophiya and her husband Distract composed (melody and top line) and worked on SIP with Lex. Lex wrote the Korean lyrics.
– There were times during recording when Lex changed how he was singing (musical style, trot) and DJ Sophiya would be hard on him.
– Lex will be on a dance show that is supposed to air in February.
– Doing a zombie apocalypse he would have his dog Buddy and a golf club.
– During a drama that he has been filming he discovered that he likes being the bad person.
– Arirang Radio staff have given him nicknames: Arirang Prince, Lexy (lex and sexy), and Fool Next Door.
– If he had a superpower he would like to have the power to stop time.
– If the world were to end tomorrow he would sleep, on this particular day.
– His members contacted him to congratulate him on his solo work and solo debut. Ron said the song was “not bad.”
– Music is the reason he came to South Korea.

Q & A::
Q: Why did you name the song SIP?
A: He wanted to do a play on words. It does mean to sip on something, but when said in Korean it means 10.

Q: What do you like or hate about the winter season?
A: I love that his birthday is in the winter season. He likes winter fashion (the layers and different outfits). He doesn’t like the cold, but he also doesn’t like the stickiness of summer.

Q: What is the difference between being in a group? What are the pros and cons?
A: Being solo he got more lines and more say in how the song goes. Being in a group the songs and the rewards are divide amongst the members. Being solo all the pressure is on you, and you can’t blame someone else when things go bad.

Live Performance::

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