Nilo (닐로)


Nilo (닐로) was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Lex. Nilo debuted in 2015 and he is under Nilo Company and LIMEZ Entertainment.

– When songwriting, he writes about his experience but he also focuses on how the audience will receive the song and tries to find the right lyrics and emotion.
– He was a member of an acapella group for about 8 years with 5 other people.
– Nilo started getting into music in high school in about 10th grade. He went to an academy to learn music, and then joined his acapella group when he was 20.
– When he has a schedule the next day he forces himself to go to sleep.
– He loves bread, and it’s the first thing he orders at restaurants. However, if he could eat one food for the rest of his life that food item isn’t bread.
– He likes americanos and thinks it’s cruel to put milk in coffee, so he never drinks lattes from coffee shops.
– One item he can’t throw away is a pair of clippers that he received as a gift from the pianist who participated in 지나오다 (Pass by).
– When at Karaoke rooms he usually sings rock songs, and instead of waiting for the score he moves onto the next song. He usually turns the score feature off.
– In school his favorite class was math, and his least favorite was history.
– His signature song is 지나오다 (Pass by) because when people hear it they think Nilo.

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is (unnamed emotion)?
A: It a warm song. With this song, he focused more on the lyrics than the melody.

Q: Why did you choose Nilo as your name?
A: He wanted a name with two syllables. He gives it the meaning of “he who likes blue.” The ‘O’ comes from his last name.

Live Performance::
지나오다 (Pass by)

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