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Love X Stereo

Love X Stereo
Arirang Radio Kpop Interview

Q: When did you first decide being a musician was the career you wanted to have?
A: Annie > Since 5.
Sol > Since junior high.
Toby > Since high school.

Q: What inspires you song lyrics and sound when writing music?
A: We get inspired by our surrounding at the moment. People we meet, songs we listen to, books we read, movies we see, everything on the news, etc. But mostly we like to create sound whenever we feel like it. It’s an instant thing, and we do it right away.

Q: Is the song ‘Storm’ based off real life experience? Did you have someone come into your life beautifully, cause a storm and leave you a wreck?
A: ‘Storm’ was inspired by the tsunami that hit Japan years ago. It’s not about that particular incident at all, but it did inspire us indeed. Actually, we didn’t think much about the lyrics, but we did like to present a 90s inspired, techno feel sound for a change.

Q: Annie has anyone ever compared you to Lillix or T.A.T.U? When I first heard ‘secrets’ I thought you voice was similar to Lillix.
A: Annie > That’s so cool. We love Lillix. They are super pretty J

Q: I noticed most of your songs re in English. Why is that?
A: Annie writes lyrics mostly, and she says English comes out first. That’s as simple as it gets. If the song comes out in Korean, then the song will be written in Korean. She used to live in LA when she was young, she listened to all these songs from the 70s and the 80s, so probably that’s the reason why English comes out first.

Q: 부끄리 워요 talks about Jumping Jack and falling down a rabbit hole, which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Was that you intention? Is that the direction you wanted listeners to go in?
A: “부끄러워요” is the title J
Yes. “The Jack” is actually a Korean pop artist. He is a one-eyed (like pirate eye) rabbit character that does great pop art. The song is a theme song for him. “부끄러워요” means “I’m embarrassed”, and it’s his catchphrase. Whatever you ask him, he’ll say “부끄러워요”. Very mystical character he is.

Q: Why and how did the name LoveXStereo come to be?
A: We like the word “stereo”, so we added “love”, and “X” adds a meaning into it. It means, love goes both ways from one another.

Q: What is the country you would like to visit the most? Individually? As a group?
A: We’re wrapping up our North American tour right now, so everybody is in love with The States. Other than that, we haven’t been here and there yet, so couldn’t tell much about it, but we are so ready to tour the world J

Q: If you could define LoveXStereo with 1 song what would that song be? Why?
A: Probably “Soul City”. That song made us who we are right now. That song gave us a lot of opportunity. Didn’t think it’ll be like that at the moment, but people usually really like “Soul City”, so that song itself shows very well of who we are.

Q: I know 3 members are from Skrew Attack. What was the transition from Skrew Attack to LoveXStereo like?
A: “Skrew Attack” is a punk rock band from the late 90s. We felt that the name “Skrew Attack” was holding us back. We wanted to start fresh, start something new, something we haven’t done in the past, something interesting and fun. The transition was smooth, just went with the flow.

Q: Do you guys live together when you are not traveling?
A: >> No comment. J

Q: Who is the one who is almost always late for band activities and leaves early?
A: We have a humble studio in Seoul, so we meet every day. We don’t think about late or early that much.

Q: Who is the messiest member?
A: Toby is the cleanest. That’s for sure. J

Yes or No (to the members)
Q: There is almost always one person in the group who acts like a mom. Yes or no? If yes which member is the mom?
A: Annie

Q: I have moments when I practice my rock star signature? Yes or no? If yes which member does this?
A: No

Q: I have moments when I want to pull out a members hair? Yes or no? In what situations?
A: Annie > Yes. I wanted to kill Sol when he was still sleeping so hard when he was supposed to get on the van with us for a show in an island. Toby tear down his window just to wake him up. lo

Q: I always have a song in mind when I want to seduce someone with music? Yes or no? What song?
A: No. But people usually really like “Free Ass” whenever they see our show. Sexy song… lol

Last few questions?
Q: Future plans? Goals for the year?
A: We are currently wrapping up our North American tour right now. We are coming back for another tour next year. We got invited to perform at SXSW 2014, and it’s gonna be a hell of a year! Please stay tuned for more music, and great news from us!

Q: How do you want people to think of Love X Stereo? How do you want to be remembered?
A: We want to make a “grand” sound at our shows. We would like to be a “grand” “respectful” “amazing” band that should contribute in the music world always. Hopefully it works at well in the future!