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Jin Longguo (김용국)

(2018/09 – playing catch-up for interviews I missed)

Jin Longguo was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star. Jin Longguo (김용국) debuted in 2017 as part of duo group Yongkook and Sihyun. He is currently under Chun Entertainment.

Kim Yongkook (김용국) – Korean
Jin Longguo (金龙国) – Chinese

(A/N:: To minimize repetition I will be switching between his names.)

– Yongkook is a former member of JBJ.
– He loves cats. His house belongs to his cats.
– Jin loves playing video/pc games.
– He has issues remembering his lyrics.
– Jin was a bit intimidated at first by Yoon Mirae.
– He really lovs coffee, and the atmosphere of coffeeshops.
– On Friday night Jin can usually be found at home.
– Yongkook sometimes has deep conversations with his cats.
– Jin believes his computer setup is better for gaming than going to the PC Bangs.
– Sandles and flippers are his ideal footwear. If his feet are comfortable the rest of him is comfortable.
– He tends to be a calm gamer. If team members in the game get loud he tends to turn them off.
– His ideal type would be someone cat like.
– He has a long list of artists he would like to collaborate with, including Crush.
– Yongkook would like to be on the TV program 나 혼자 산다 (I live alone).

Jin longguo 1

Q & A::
Q: Please explain the little doodle like emblem on the album cover?
A: The little doodle found on the album cover, and throughout the album was inspired by his initials. It is a cat.

Q: What kind of song is Friday n Night?
A: Friday n Night is a soft track with lyrics about it being Friday night and feeling lonely and down.

Live Performance::
Friday n Night