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Kim Bohyung (김보형)


Kim Bohyung was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Kim Bohyung (김보형) debuted in 2012 as a member of Spica. She is now a solo artist under

– She recently changed her hair style, and now has her first bob cut. She feels like the bad experiences and negativity in her life has been cut away with her hair.
– Spica members visited her when she was doing a TV show, and she was very touched.
– She received her first 1st place when on Girl Power when she sang a song by Jessie J.
– Her motto is: Smile and you’ll receive more love, even on your bad days.
– The first song that made her heart flutter was Spica’s debut track, Russian Roulette.
– Her role model is Lee Hyori.
– She wants to do a duet with Spica’s Boa on a very diva type of song.
– She is scared of bugs, but believes being a tomb raider like Lora Croft would be very rewarding.
– Bohyung’s biggest charm is her warmth and caring nature hidden under a cold exterior.
– She feels proud to be a singer when she receives love and well wishes from fans.

Kim Bohyung IMG

Q & A::
Q: Will you be posting any videos on YouTube?
A: She has a channel underway, and will probably put her own version of the Aladdin song (because it’s popular right now in Korea) there when she’s ready to launch her channel.

Q: What was something that stood out to you that was different between being a solo artist and in a group?
A: Recording the songs by herself was a very different experience for her because she was used to having Spica’s Boa with her for support.

Live Performance::
아름다워 (Beautiful)