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In2It (인투잇)


In2It was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. In2It (인투잇) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under MMO Entertainment.

Jian (지안) – Leader, Vocalist
Yuntae (연태) – Vocalist
Inho (인호) – Vocalist
Inpyo (인표) – Vocalist
Jinseob (진섭) – Vocalist
Hyunwook (현욱) – Vocalist
Isaac (아이젝) – Vocalist
Sunghyun (성현) – Maknae, Rapper


– They shot the music video for Amazing in Khakastan, and it was very cold.
– Isaac knows English, Chinese, Korean, and Malay, and is the translator for the group.
– Yuntae is the mom of the group, and talks to himself a lot in the dorm.
– They live together, and have two bathrooms (a rare thing in Kpop idol dorms).
– Jinseob was original going to be a designer when he got into dancing.
– Hyunwook is the very clean member of the group.
– Inho is the energy source for the group.
– They were all part of Boys24 (소년24) but in different subunits.
– Sunghyun participated in a Math competition and did very well.
– Hyunwook was class president three years in a row.
– Inho likes the moist parts of chicken (legs & thighs).
– Yuntae was in the hip-hop when he was in dance school.


Q & A::
Q: What does In2It mean?
A: In America, one of the phrases people use is “I’m into that” when they like something. That is where they got their name from. They want people to be caught by their charm.

Q: Who did you give your first album to?
A: Isaac sent albums to his family and friends in Malaysia. The other members gave albums to their moms.

Live Performance::

O.O.O (오오오)


O.O.O was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. O.O.O (오오오) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Interpark (인터파크).

Sunghyun (가성현) – Vocalist, Guitarist
Yongho (장용호) – Guitarist
Jisang (이지상) – Bassist
Jinsang (유진상) – Drummer


– Their recent album has 7 tracks and is a continuation of their previous album.
– They’ve undergone some member changes nice their previous album.
– When they get together to write music they start off jamming (to just play without pre-planning).
– They try very hard to make their songs genderless because the people listening to their songs aren’t just one gender.
– Sunghyun is the member who gets lonely the most. He says it’s mostly at night that he has the most lonely tendencies.
– Jisang & Jinsang have the least amount of lonely tendencies among the members.
– Jinsang is a bit of a joker. He likes to do surprise attacks on the members.
– Their first solo concert was sold out. Sunghyun said he knew that was going to happen.
– They never expected to get #1 on the Korean Indie charts, and were surprised when it happened.
– Jisang always cuts his nails a week before their performances. He says cutting them the day off feels weird.
– According to the members, Yongho changes the most when they go on stage. He says that’s because he doesn’t have much to say so he tries to look cool with the guitar.


Q & A::
Q: Can you tell us about your team name?
A: They can up with the name first and decided to put a meaning to it. For them, it stands for Out of office. They like the visual aspect of it, and it also stands for “Oh” in English.

Q: How did you become a band?
A: Sunghyun and Yongho were playing in their room and naturally the feeling of wanted to play outside to the public came along. They decided they needed members, and went on the Internet, and searched for musicians. Jisang responded to their search and brought Jinsang with him since they were from the same hometown.

Q: When you make music what is one thing they are stubborn about?
A: They don’t want to sound like or copy anyone else, but they still want to sound warm and inviting. According to DJ Sam, they’ve mastered this technic.

Live Performance::
내일 아침 (Tomorrow Morning) & 눈이 마주쳤을 때 (When Eyes Meet)

Boys 24 Unit Black (소년24 유닛 블랙)


Boys 24 Unit Black was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Boys 24 Unit Black (소년24 유닛 블랙) debuted in 2016 under CJ E&M & Live Works Company (라이브웍스컴퍼니).

Doha (도하) – Leader
Inho (인호) – Vocalist
Hyunwook (현욱) – Vocalist
Yonghyun (용현) – Maknae, Vocalist
Jinseok (진석) – Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Yeontae (연태) – Vocalist
Youngdoo (영두) – Vocalist
Sunghyun (성현) – Rapper, Dancer


– Boys24 the boy band was created through the survival show Boys24.
– Boys24 actually has 27 members, because 3 additional members were picked by the fans to join the group.
– They lived together, but split between 3 separate housing units.
– Jinseok claims himself to be the vitamin of the group.
– Doha is good at cooking, and Yeontae is good at eating.
– Yonghyun is the shortest member and one of the maknaes.
– Doha likes cooking several different types of pasta.


Q & A::
Q: What is 뺏겠어 (Steal your heart) about?
A: Their title track 뺏겠어 (Steal your heart) is about stealing the heart of a girl who is dating a guy that’s bad for her.

Live Performance::
뺏겠어 (Steal your heart)