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Trei (트레이)


Trei was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Trei (트레이) debuted in 2019 under Banana Culture Entertainment.

Jaejoon (이재준) – Leader, Vocalist
Joontae (김준태) – Vocalist
Changhyun (채창현) – Maknae, Rapper

trei 1

– They are the brother group of EXiD.
– Changhyun and Jaejoon were trainees for 10 years.
– They would like to try a sexy, hip-hop,and rock concepts in the future.
– Changhyun thought Joontae would be much older than he actually was when they met.
– Jaejoon met Changhyun when they were 14.
– When Joontae gets the pitch just right when starting a song Changhyun is most proud of him.
– They think Jaejoon is very good looking during the bridge part of the MV.
– Jaejoon eats the most, typically 10 meat servings per meal. He says he only gains weight on his stomach.
– They love exploring and going places.

trei 2

Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of your team name?
A: Trei means three. There are three members, and there’s a saying that “two’s company three’s a crowd,” they felt it fit them perfectly.

Q: What kind of song is 멀어져 (Gravity)?
A: It has an 808 beat with a punk rock sound.

Live Performance::
멀어져 (Gravity)