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Soyoung (소영)

2019 September 12

Soyoung pic

Soyoung was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Soyoung (소영) debuted in 2017 as a member of Stellar, and she is currently under WKENM.

– She wanted to be in an indie music group.
– One of the strong points of the music is I’d she can feel it.
– Soyoung can play the piano and the drums.
– They had to put ice on her so she wouldn’t overheat during the filming of her music video.
– There is a place in New Zealand that she would like to go fish.
– Soyoung thinks fish tasted better when she is the one who catches it.
– Her small happiness is finding pretty minimalist/modern cafes.
– If she could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be ddukbokki.
– Her favorite compliment is your pretty.
– Soyoung would like to do a duet with Bi (Rain).
– She likes doing lots of different sports activities.
– Her motto is Spero Spera (내가 숨을 쉬는 한, 희망을 있다) which means “as long as I breathe, there’s hope.”
– Lately, she has been receiving some inspiration from Chungha and Sunmi.
– She would like to be on the variety show City Fisherman.

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 숨 (Breath)?
A: It’s a song about a woman seducing a guy and leading at the same time.

Gift (기프트)


Gift was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Gift (기프트) is a rock trio that debuted in 2018 under Roxta Muzik.

Joohyuk (이주혁) – Vocalist
Hwikyum (정휘겸) – Drummer
Hyungwoo (김형우) – Bassist

– They were part of Show Champion, and Superband. Comparing the two the considered Superband to be more free than Show Champion.
– Hwikyum is currently serving his mandatory military duty.
– Hyungwoo was concerned about being able to hold his own on the shows. He learned that he has his own identity and something to bring to the table.
– Joohyuk described his childhood as quiet, and Hyungwoo described his as happy.
– They have created a fancafe and they find happiness in reading the To Gift section.
– Joohyuk’s small happiness is playing games and then falling asleep.
– If they could only eat one food for the rest of their life it would be ramen (because there is a large variety) or sal (rice (because rice is life)).

gift pic 2

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 우린 달랐고 달랐어?
A: The song is a reflective track looking at the person you are and the person you thought you’d be.

Jclef (제이클레프)


Jclef was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Jclef (제이클레프) is under Craft and Jun.

– She’s still a college student and is studying Life.
– Jclef prefers small intimate gatherings.
– She was able to work with a lot of hip-hop producers, and considers her album to be a hip-hop album.
– When she works alone her internal energy comes out in the music. When she works with others the music isn’t 100% her and she feels she could’ve done more.
– ‘Mama, See’ is about her mom, and Jclef’s feelings about situations that could possibly happen to her family. Her inspiration for this song were her memories of calling her mom after bad dreams of bad things happening to her family.
– Her family consist of her mom and two sisters.
– Frank Ocean’s Sweet Life is the song that lead her down the road towards pursuing music.
– She likes mackerel pasta, and makes it often.

j clef

Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind jclef?
A: Clef comes from treble clef (🎼), and because music notes don’t go past g she put j with clef.

Goopy (구피)

goopy at arirang

Goopy was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Goopy (구피) debuted in 2018 and is currently not under a label.

– He is described as a husky emotional RnB artist.
– Goopy has a lot of tattoos.
– His motto is “enjoy life,” and means even the bad things and the bad.
– Goopy would like to work with Beenzino. He’d like to make an upbeat track with a musical conversation.
– ‘Nana’ is about the first time you see the person of your dreams, and a bright light shines in you head. The nanana part is where the person of his dreams has sent him out of his head and makes him sing that way.
– ‘Type’ is declaring the person as his type. That highlight the beautiful parts of s relationship.
– ‘Make No Sense’ is the “can I come over” part of the new love story.
– He’s been friends with Producer Girl Next Door (GXXD) for several years.
– If he could travel right now he’d like to go to Central Park in New York City.
– Goopy thinks his biggest attraction point is his charisma, and his big mouth.
– The friend he has met most recently is Producer Suki.
– These days he’s been into cleaning his place.
– He gets through performances by telling himself “let’s not make any mistakes today.”
– Goopy is a homebody.

goopy 1

Q & A::
Q: How did Goopy come to be your stage name?
A: His producer took the name from the Disney character Goofy. He liked his personality.

Q: What kind of album is Make Sense?
A: If you listen to the tracks in order they tell a story. Everything makes sense, if you listen to the album correctly. The story goes: I see you and feel you, you’re my type, can I come over.

Live Performance::