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Haha (하하) & Skull (스컬)

haha skull soundk1

HAHA & Skull stopped by the SoundK studio for Star Date with DJ SeeAn. HAHA (하하) debuted in 2002 as an actor and entertainer, and in 2005 as a singer/musician. He is currently under Quan Entertainment & Bigfoot Entertainment. Skull (스컬) debuted in 2003 under Zion Records. Skull is primarily in the Korean-Reggae genre. HAHA & Skull recently teamed up for ‘Ya Man’ mini album.

– HAHA’s real name is Ha Donghoon.
– Haha and wife just had a baby 20 days ago, they nicknamed him Dream/Dreamy.
– They are terrible at the 귀여미 song.
– Skull remember a fan who wrote in to the show from a concert.
– Skull says Reggae is his destiny.
– They had their first solo concert in Singapore.
– Mariah Carey’s brother’s management team is helping to develop Skull’s career in the States.
– Haha owns a restaurant in Seoul & Hongdae.

haha skull soundk2

Q & A::
Q: How did you get into reggae?
A: Skull was into reggae from the vey start although he likes listening to various other genres as well.

Q: What has your experience working with Haha been like so far?
A: They come from different backgrounds. Haha is very well known from being on TV shows,and Skull was in the underground. However, their different pro and cons give them good synergy when working together? Skull was very surprised by Haha’s passion for reggae.

Q: Do you has any memorable stories from your trips abroad?
A: Skull has had fans come to the hotel he was staying at and give him beer.

Q: Question for Haha: reggae vs hiphop: which do you love more? Or do you love them equally?
A: Haha loves both reggae and hiphop. Hiphop will also be his first love but, He also says he will most likely be doing reggae until he dies. He doesn’t really like classifying music into genres. Good music is just good music.

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