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Herz Analog (헤르쯔아날로그)

herz analog at arirang

Herz Analog was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Herz Analog (헤르쯔아날로그) debuted in 2008 under Interpark Entertainment.

– His real name is Heo Sungjoon (허성준).
– He doesn’t put his music into genres, because he does all different styles of music.
– ‘프라하 (Praha)’ is Korean for Prague (in the Czech Republic). He went there for a change of scenery after a series of bad life events.
– Herz Analog used to be a DJ.
– ‘무지개 (Rainbow)’ is a song that he put his life motto into. The message is: You can’t promise a rainbow will come, and you can’t promise you emotional state will always be the same.
– He likes going to airports. He admits that there was one time he went to the airport and pretended to be a foreigner, and toured around Seoul.
– ‘바다 (Sea)’ is a song by Herz Analog (featuring a female voice) that draws the landscape with the music. He really wanted to try this kind of music, and that’s how the song came to be.
– He wants to visit Austria.
– ‘Dear you’ was his first project.
– He describes his song ‘Minimal Cold’ as the feeling of a girl breaking from a guy in a sort of cold way, and then after a time the guy beings to miss that couldn’t.

herz analog

Q & A::
Q: How did Herz Analog come about, and what is the meaning behind it?
A: He was with his friends who study classical music trying to figure out what his stage name should be, and one of them said herz. Herz is German for heart. He put it together with analog and that became his new stage name.

Live Performance::
Minimal warm