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Honey G (허니지)

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Honey G was in the Kpoppin studio for Hot New Face with DJ Isak. Honey G (허니지) is a male trio that debuted in 2013. Their sound is generaly in the Ballad genre with a unique mix of Urban and R&B.

The members::
Jiyong (지용) – Vocals
Jaehayun (재현) _ Maknae, vocals
Taehyun (태현) – Leader, vocals

About the msuic:
Their debut album is a full length album consisting of 10 songs including the title song 바보야 (Fool). 결혼하는 날 (Wedding Day) Is dedicated to all couple getting married. It is a congradulatory song for those couples. They wrote and composed the song 배고파 (Hungry) as a group while on a diet. Jiyong compose and worte the lyrics for 솔이 그립다 (I miss Sol), he also co-wrote the songs 그대 (You ) & 늑대 (Wolf).

– They were on survivor audition show Superstar K 4
– Taehyun and Jaehyun were originally members of Honey Brown
– Taehyun says that Jaehyun has the worst sleeping habits. Jaehyun sleep with his eyes open.
– They are homebodies with similar hobbies of playing soccer videos, and drinking beer every once in awhile
– Since their debut they have been going on line to check their position on the music charts every chance they get
– They sya that they have hidden variety show monsters they woulod like to show
– Jaehyuns says that he is very adventurous
– Jiyong is athletic and would like to be on runing man od dream team
– Taehyun wants to be on We Got Married with Suzy
– Jiyong used to be a part time event singer

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Q & A::
Q: What is your favorite song on the album?
A: Jiyong – 솔이 그립다 (I miss Sol)
Jaehyun – 열대야 (Tropical Night)
Taehyun – 배고파 (Hungry) – written while on a diet

Q: Have you ever comtemplated bring the other mmebers of your respective group back?
A: Since they got their recording contract from the survivor show as Honey G they are going to continue on as Honey G. They want to build popularity and gradually bring the other members in as an even bigger project.

Q: Where does the name Honey G come from?
A: Honey G = Honey Brown + Jiyong

Q: What are your ideal types?
A: Jiyong – girls with good personalities
Taehyun – tall girls like Suzy (168cm)
Jaehyun – cute and petite girls like IU

Q: How did you decide what the title song of the album was going to be?
A: The members each had a song they wanted as the title song the took a vote and 바보야 (Fool) won. The Ceo also liked this selection.

Live Performance::
(Fool) & 결혼하는 날 (Wedding Day) & 열대야 (Tropical Night)