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Wable (와블)


Wable was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Wable (와블) debuted in 2016 under Kiwi Media Group (K-Tune Collective).

Kilim (이기림) – Vocalist
Pureum (이푸름) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They are sisters.
– The time between their debut and now they’ve been taking time to just write songs.
– Pureum does most of the cooking.
– Kilim loves activities similar to yoga and pilates.
– To beat the summer heat Kilim drink a lot of milk tea. Pureum says the best thing is to lay still and stop thinking.
– They prefer beer over Soju.
– As different as they are they have a lot in common.
– Kilim doesn’t like rain.
– They don’t have any, but they would like to have puppies.
– They perfer guys who are relaxed and wear jeans, with long hair.
– When making music: Kilim will write lyrics and Pureum puts a melody to it. Then they make any adjustments that are needed.
– They don’t fight when making music and they work well together.
– Kilim would like to collaborate with Crush. She said that every comeback he has had is her style.


Q & A::
Q: Please tell us about your team name, Wable?
A: The idea is white and black. The reason is that Kilim as very pale skin and Pureum has very tanned skin. Their skin is naturally that way even though they are sisters.

Q: What kind of song is 그대 오늘하루도 (Ending song)?
A: Every Friday they were doing live shows via SNS. They decided to write a song to play at the end of their shows. The song was well recieved by their fans, and that is why it is called Ending song. They believe it is a good song to listen to at the end of a long day.

Live Performance::
그대 오늘하루도 (Ending song)

사르르 (Little Miss Sunshine)