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CEO Chunsia (천시아 대표님)

CEO Chunsia Master (천시아 대표님) was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Chunsia heals people with “singing bowl” subtle vibrations.

Singing Bowls According to CEO Chunsia::
The singing bowl method uses different types of bowls and the sound is reminiscent of sounds typically heard around temples. It is used to help people heal mentally.

The different bowls (varying in size (width, and depth), thickness, and material components) produce different vibrations. They typically come from Tibet and the Himalayas and are handmade to produce specific vibrations.

You don’t need to reserve time to listen while meditating or something like that. It’s something that can be played in the background (aka white noise) as you go about your day.

The vibrations of the bowls are slow and elongated and help to loosen the body, and some people experience a feeling of relief.

**Author-nim note: It’s very soothing and would probably be very beneficial to someone with sleep insomnia. (DJ Isak and I shared this same opinion after experiencing one of her demonstrations.)**

It is best to meditate is in the morning. Out of personal experience, she has found that morning meditation has a greater effect on you as you go about the day.

The more busy a person is the more time they need to spend meditating, and the more helpful meditating will be from them. When you meditate you need to train yourself to either focus on one thought or nothing at all.

Q & A::
Q: How did you get into singing bowls
A: The first time she got into singing bowls was about 13 years ago. When she was in her 20s she was really into meditation and the different ways of doing it. When she was doing singing bowls she realized that she was healing herself.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: She does one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and has classes where she teaches how to do singing bowls.

Q: How long can a bowl continue to make sounds after one tap?
A: It depends on the bowl. however, some of the larger bowls can go for about a minute.

Q: How has singing bowls benefited you?
A: She used to be a workaholic, and since getting into singing bowls she has learned to relax and put a comma in life. It has enabled her to slow down and enjoy her life and its various moments.

Live Performance::
Singing Bowls – CEO Chunsia
She did a couple of demonstrations, but I didn’t record those sections, and I don’t know if Arirang Radio will be posting a video of them. If they do, I”ll embed the video here.

Where to find her::
If you’re in South Korea, I highly recommend you visit her blog/website Zen Healing U and her healing center in person. You’ll be in for a treat that will leave you feeling relief from stress and you might get a more peaceful sleep.

Kim Suyong (김수용)

Kim Suyong at Arirang

Kim Suyong was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Kim Suyong (김수용) made his acting debut in 1983, and he’s currently under Who&U Entertainment.

– Suyong has around 60 performances to his name.
– To keep up with his schedule he tries to drink a lot of warm water, and get a lot of sleep.
– He couldn’t pick one musical that has been his favorite musical to act in so far.
– He is always very nervous about the first performance for every show he’s been in. His nervousness is self induced because he stresses himself out, because he wants to put on his best performance. Sometimes his nerves get so bad he can’t keep anything down, and has to take medicine to help him out.
– There are usually 2~3 months of practice for each show before the first performance.
– Bat Boy is a musical that was very confusing to him. At first looking at the Korean title he thought it’s be about a guy on a boat or sports. He played a character that was a mutant half-bat half-human that was capture by a veterinarian family which then tried to make him human. He began to resent the humans and became more bat like instead.
– Acting is one thing to him, and how he approaches the role is different. Similar to how eating is eating, but how you approach Chinese food, versus a fancy restaurant or backyard BBQ is different.
– On nights when he doesn’t have a performance the next day he will reward himself with a can of soda.
– He would like to go overseas and perform, however, whenever he signs up for a musical scheduled to go overseas it gets cancelled, or the seasons before and after his end up being the ones to go overseas.

Kim Suyong 1

Q & A::
Q: Is there a role you’d like to play?
A: He would like to be Edward Scissorhands. He friends tell him he has a unique personality that would be great for that character.

Q: Any up coming shows?
A: He will be doing a special performance of Edgar Allan Poe starting August 27th at the Daehangno JTN Arthall Theater 1.

Chef Lynn Ahn (안백린)


Ahn Baek Rin was in the Kpoppin studio for an Insider Report with DJ Isak. Ahn Baek Rin (안백린) is a Chef with a focus in vegan temple cuisine.

Tidbits:: ,
– She is fluent in English.
– Baek Rin believes that when you eat food made with love you are also loved.
– Her first experience with culture shock was when she came back to Korea from LA and had to speak English to get directions to somewhere in Itaewon.
– When going to her restaurant, she wants each dish to paint a picture.
– She changes her menu based on what the farmers have a available, and mother nature.
– Lynn says the first step in going vegan is going to a restaurant and ordering something without meat it. She says is done in baby steps.
– Traditional temple food doesn’t use alcohol.
– She considers her restaurant a secular temple restaurant because she serves alcohol, but she doesn’t cook with it.
– Some food and spices aren’t used in temple food because they promote sexual desires or unholy thoughts.
– It is the English/US section of Itaewon, Korea. Just say HBC and people will point you right to it.
– Sosik (소식) is a “white food” which means it is a meal without meat. Which in essence is the meaning of vegan.
– Her restaurant is reservation only.
– Lynn’s restaurant is very small with only has 3 tables.
– She says that Sosik+noodles is a good starter meal for someone trying to go vegan.

Hur Inkook (허인국)


Hur Inkook was in the Kpoppin studio as an Industry Insider with DJ Isak. Hur Inkook (허인국) is a songwriter/producer for Gallery Music Productions.

– This was is first radio appearance.
– Inkook has always been interested in music and the image behind the music. His curiosity increased when he discovered Epic High.
– He is really proud of his work on TGIF by Dongwoo (동우) of Infinite. It came from being bored and thinking about the things he could do on a Friday.
– Jaehyuk from legend us Inkook’s CEO.
– The shortest time it’s taken him to produce a melody is 1 work session. It really depends on where he gets his inspiration.
– When he starts working the songs are more his style, however, by the time it’s complete the finished product is more mainstream.
– Inkook had his personal debut in 2015 and was able to get his foot in the music industry door.
– For him working with the different artist is the best job ever. He gets to see the artist go from concept to execution, and see their growth as artist going through that process.
– If he isn’t given a deadline he creates his own deadline. If he is working on something and it takes up several hours he’ll put it in his treasure box to look over at a later time.

Q & A::
Q: What sets your company apart from others?
A: His company treats it has an art gallery where the record company tries to showcase the artist work and find way to bring their best together with the best from the artist.

Q: How does your company divide the work?
A: They build a foundation first by collecting all the must have together. Then they create, come together again for critics, and repeat until the projects done.