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Shin Zisu (신지수)


Shin Zisu (신지수) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Zisu debuted in 2015 under Loen Tree (로엔트리) /Loen Entertainment (로엔엔터테인먼트).

About the music::
“Hey Jude (featuring Sleeq)” the title track is a hommage to the original song by the Beatles. Shin Zisu sang this in order to relate to people her age who are lost and wondering. Two song on the album were gifted to her. She collaborated with either the lyrics, the music composition, or music arrangement for the other songs on the album. “X같은 그녀 (girl like x)” means a girl like an ex-girlfriend. However, in korean the X has a tendency to stand for a bad word. “고백 (Go Back)” is the second track that she was able to write. Zisu wanted it to have high quality, and be very in depth. The lyrically meaning is that she is in love with this person, and she suspects that he is cheating on her. She wants him to confess, and go back to the beginning of the relationship.

– Shin Zisu participated in Superstar K3 (2011), and made it into the Top 7
– She has attended college, and enjoyed being her age, before releasing an album
– She experiences the good kind of uncomfortable when seeing the performances of artist who were in the same survival show as her, because they have each grown musically
– Because she has a raspy voice people have said that she sounds like she as smoked for a good portion of her life. However, she has never smoked before, and when people say these thigns she feels the need to defend her voice.
– She likes going to cafe, and library, and not really a party girl
– She has always writes in a diary, she has expresses her self either with words or with song
– Zisu starts writing lyrics for a song and it will be her story, and then by the time she is done it ends up being a ton of different stories mixed together.
– She likes hiphop, and looks up to artist such as Drake and Kanye West

Yes or No::
You remember at least ten fans names? Yes
You check up on what the internet says about you? Yes
There is a hobby that you’ve been enjoying these days? Yes

Q & A::
Q: Since you like going out to eat, what is your favorite food?
A: red bean bread

Q: Ideal type?
A: Her type is not necessarily someone who is really really good looking, but rather someone whose charm grows on her the more she meets them, and someone who is sweet and caring

Live Performance::
Go Back (고백)